Yes. We synchronize unlimited amazon seller accounts.

Bitclu Currently support only all Marketplace for Amazon. We will have integrations with many more very soon. Join our mailing list to get product updates. is hosted by my Microsoft Azure, we’re using the latest and the most advanced technology to keep your data safe and secure.

It is for everyone who is selling on Amazon.

Yes, we have a recurring payment option at checkout.

Yes. Your credit card is not required for the free trial.

Yes, we are available around the clock.

You can call, Email, or chat with us.

Yes, Bitclu supports all mobiles, iPad & tablet screens. is quite simple and an easy to use software, if you ever have any need for training, feel free to always contact our 24/7 customer support

As of now, Bitclu supports English but we are working on to making it multilingual.


The Dashboard has everything such as:

  1. Sales comparison graph date wise
  2. Cost vs Profit Chart
  3. Listing Logs Data

No, you can download all the reports in Downloads section which is on the left sidebar menu.


Yes, you can. The bulk upload option is there.

Yes. We have filters such as Product type, Parent, Child, Channel, Inventory, ascending, & descending, and many more.

There is no limitation. You can add as many products as you like

Yes, you can download by Inventory, parent & Cost data.


Yes. You can determine it with just a few clicks. Download our easy to follow profit reports or view profit graphs on the analytics dashboard.

Yes, we have live graphs that updates every 15 minutes. And Bitclu profit Analytics tool offers real-time comparisons of commission, handling, shipping, advertising, and storage charges.

Yes. Our calculations cover everything from handling charges to advertising and much more.

Yes, there are day, week, Month & custom date filters.

sale analytics

Yes. You can measure your sale and inventory from our easy to access graphs and tables.

Yes, our out of stock date feature will help you know when to order based on your inventory and sales data.

data security

Yes, we are fully complaint for all Amazon Data Protection requirements

Bitclu use the most secure Microsoft Azure cloud services to keep the seller’s data safe and secure.

Bitclu use powerful online platforms such as

  1. Angular
  2. Dot Net
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Cloud Servers, etc.


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We were looking all over to find a solution that will help us compare natural clicks to paid clicks. Finally, we got to know you, just for this part we recommend this, but this is only a small part of it, other reports were a tremendous help for us to expand our business. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Rupard Wood

Managing Director

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Finally 1 place for all our reporting needs with the real numbers! After going through many portals, not one gave me the exact numbers for all costs associated with each product, seems you guys put in a lot of work to get it right, I will recommend it to every Amazon seller I know.

Jose Carpio

Quality Director

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Reports are the most important aspect of our operation, with bitclu we are able to get all our reports and most important for us, are the filtering capabilities - its an enormous help, a must for any amazon seller.

Catherine Williams

Market Manager

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Catalog is something we were really looking for in a product, to give me this easy view of all our channels and marketplaces; this product is the first serving it for our use.

Justine Fiber

Managing director

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Thanks for giving me for the first time a view of what my advertising cost are and what my return is on the investment.

Kyle Frederick


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I love your feature of keeping logs of all changes on items and adding them to the graph; it really helps determine if the changes are working, and what kind of changes we should focus on.

Valentin Lacoste