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 How to Master Product Search Ranking on Amazon 2021?

Well, for that, you need to get an idea of Amazon SEO, Amazon algorithms, and product listing optimization. Let us dive in to know everything about product search ranking optimization.

1. Amazon SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website for relevant searches. A question may arise in your mind “I don’t have a website. I have a product page, and I want to rank my products on Amazon”.

To know the answer to this, you first need to get a basic idea of Google SEO and Amazon SEO. We all know google is a website centric search engine, and Amazon is a product search engine.

A website needs to optimize with relevant keywords, content, backlinks, and much more to rank on Google. Similarly, to appear at the top of Amazon search pages, you should optimize the product listings    

Like Google, Amazon SEO helps you improve your product visibility on Amazon. So, it is a powerful business strategy to move your products up in the Amazon search ranking

2. A9 Algorithm

Millions of people search Amazon, and Amazon has only a few seconds to decide what to display from its product base. To solve this complex problem, Amazon follows two steps:

  • Amazon separates all the products that are not related to the search query. Amazon does this by looking at the keywords.
  • Amazon considers the possibility of product purchase by looking at a few performance metrics such as CTR (Click Through Rate), CR (Conversion rate), and sales.

3. Product Listing Optimization

Product listing optimization improves the search visibility of a product. Let us read the steps to know how you can improve product listing?

a. Optimize the product information

Amazon is a product search engine- therefore looks for content/information that relates to the buyer search. Optimizing the product content is the best way to improve the CTR (Click-through rate) and conversion rate.

So, focus on creating persuasive content on the product detail page. Like in the title, description, bullet points, and additional product information. Keep the following things in mind while writing product information.

  • Mention every information that can help the user in the buying decision.
  • Not only describe the product features but go beyond and tell its benefits.
  • Write the product information in bullet points to make it easy and quick to read.

b. Optimize the product images

Engaging and high-quality images attract buyers and help in improving performance metrics.

  • Main Image: The first point of contact between you and the buyer is the Main Image in the search results. It plays an essential part in increasing CTR and CR so use good quality feature images.
  • Product image: Product images must be such that it provides all the information that a customer’s needs to make a buying decision.
  • Additional images: These images are shot from different angles and convey the product features. High-quality images lead to a better conversion rate, and this helps increase the product ranking.

To get successful with product images, consider the below points:

1) Follow the Amazon minimum technical requirements for product images such as

  • The image format must be JPG, TIF, and PNG
  • Minimum resolution- 721 dpi
  • Recommended Minimum Size is 1000 pixel

2) Make sure the image can Zoom in and does not get blurred.

c. Optimize the keywords

Shoppers will only find if you have put relevant keywords on the product information page. Therefore, in keyword optimization, the first step should be to identify the keywords. The following techniques will help you find out:

  • Use Amazon autocomplete: Like Google, Amazon autocomplete also predicts a word or phrase when a user types something in the text box. It is a great way to find what people are searching for on Amazon, and by using Amazon autocomplete, you will find a whole combination of new keywords.

Simply type the keyword on the Amazon search page or use the Amazon cloud search to get a complete autocomplete search solution.

  • Compare competitor listing: Find out competitors on Amazon and analyze what keywords your competitors are using. To do this, type the main keywords in the search box and enter the search button.
  • Read the customer reviews: Check out the customer reviews to find what terms they are using to mention the product.

d. Put the keywords in the right place

Although Amazon weighs all the information equally on the product detailed page, you should keep checking amazon for any updates.

  • Title: The title should be made specifically for search. Use the Amazon-style guide to know what the title length of the product is. Titles having specific features and keywords work well, but you should keep them within the maximum length-they will get suppressed otherwise.
  • Bullet points: In the bullet point section, if you put keywords after 1000 characters, they will not be indexed. Also, try to keep the content short and readable in the bullet point section.
  • Descriptions: Whether the keyword gets indexed with the Product description depends on several things, such as the product category. But the one thing that holds for all categories is that product description is the best place to use long-tail keywords.

At last, we have here tried to list down almost all the essentials for increasing product search rank. But as you will grow on Amazon, you will face more challenges. At such time Amazon advertising will help reach desired business goals. We will write down everything about Amazon advertising in our coming articles. So, stay in touch.

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